Do not allow to select same value multiple times in linked records

At the moment it is possible to link a foreign record multiple times.
In a “link to ohter record” field at the moment it is possible to connect the same record multiple times. This makes not sense and should be blocked by the system.

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The “Link to other records” feature only allows you to link one record at a time, if you are selecting the records with the mouse:

The already linked records disappear from the list. But if you search records from the search field, they will appear again and can be linked again. So, you are right - you can link a record twice.

I think this is not 100% a bug - as we are developing the link column to let it show other fields than the “Name” column, so hopefully in the future, you can link the same record more than once but can show different strings for the same record.

Anyway it is not optimal at the moment - I will list this as a bug. Thanks!

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