Does my APP only have read-only access?


I’m not sure if if made something wrong, or if it’s intended. I have created a simple APP based on my Task-Planning table. I have created a Kanban-View, wich displays my data perfectly fine.
Now, i wanted to edit cards (aka rows), move cards, create new cards, but i couldn’t find any button’s to do so. As it seems the APP is somehow read-only. I have checked my permissions, and i have the Admin role in this app.
Is it possible to enable editing of the data in my APP?

Thanks and BR,

When you open your App in edit mode, you can see the access rights for each role on the right hand side for every page.

I’m using the free cloud edition. When i check the access rights, i see a gold crown, that tells me i need an enterprise subscription.

In SeaTable Cloud Free, you cannot manage the page permissions in the universal app builder. The default page permissions apply.

On the Kanban page, this are the default permissions:

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