Does not load page layouts. (Russian translation)

I can only see the base and Kanban, the rest of the layout appears broken, it doesn’t load any elements, I’m testing the platform to migrate, I really liked the possibilities, it’s very promising, but I can’t trust it if I can’t even test all the possibilities.

Some of the screenshots you provide here are not meaningful (e.g.: No. 4 of 5???) and do not provide any information about whether / how you have made settings in the plugins or the universal app. In addition, they do not provide any information about which SeaTable version you are using.

Please document completely and informatively what you want to show, otherwise it will be more than difficult to reproduce behavior or help you further.

The missing overview pictures in the App Builder will be fixed in version 4.4.

I took it from a template you provide, I have no experience on the platform, so I’m already giving this feedback.
I wasn’t even able to get my first impressions of the system in a practical way.
I can’t configure anything because nothing appears, the fields appear all blank.
I don’t know where I can find the version.

(print 4-5 not saying anything is one of the problems)

Dear @EduardoAntonio
I have to apologize. With the last update, we made a huge mistake and included some empty strings in the Spanish and Portuguese translations. Our team only uses German, English, French or Chinese, therefore we didn’t realize that until you reported the issue.

Please change your “system language” to English until we provide a fix for that.

Here you can find an explanation how to change the system language in SeaTable: Customizing the interface language - SeaTable.

Here in Russia, they say: “Three years are waiting for the promised.” We are also waiting a long time for the language pack to be corrected, since the menus in the plugins remain empty if the interface language is Russian.

We updated Can you please check if now the interface is shown like expected?

Please be aware that the Russian translation is delivered by the community, yet. Currently, only 40% of the plugins are translated. If there is no translation available, the interface falls back to English:

You can contribute via transifex:

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