Dont see all columns in 'Columns to watch' when creating an automation rule

When I want to create a new automation rule - Event Records meet specific conditions after modification and whant to choose Columns to watch I only see the columns that are not linked to other tables or if the column type is formula (columns that we manualy change the data). If this is the case, are you planning to change the functionality to let all the columns in the table be candidates for watch. I have a workaround to make a column button and send an email but this would be more practical because I would not depend on the user.

Row modification will send an operation to SeaTable server. The server can check the contained columns in the operation. If one of the watched columns in the operation, it will then check whether the filter condition is met.

Link is two directional and is not stored in the row. A modification of links does not produce a row modification. So link columns are not watchable.

Values for formula columns are not stored at all. So row modification does not include formula column changes, so they are not watchable.

In many cases, formula columns refer to another column. In this case, watch the source column and your automation will trigger just fine.

So you say that the link that is stored in a another table does not count as row and that is why is not watchable? In my situation the case is: We have a situation that we are entering our projects in SeaTable and after the entry the plan is to send an email to another Person how is going to create something in another system based on the information that he is getting from the email created by SeaTable (start date, end date who are the project members). Project members is a link to the table of Employees where we choose which of the employees are on the project. The situation can happen that in the meantime new members join the project and based on that we whant to send the email to see that new members are joing the project.

Based on this situation I can not create an automated rule where this column is changed (because the type is a link). From the business perspective it can be the case for many other purposes where the linked data plays a important role like this where you whant to send information to another systems or in this case an email to someone who handles this data because of the process.

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Thanks for sharing the use case. Currently, links between rows are stored separately.

We will consider to make link columns also watchable.


@MilutinL We updated SeaTable Cloud to version 4.1. One of the new features in the just released version: You can watch link columns. Do you want to check it out?