Drag and Drop Files to/from Email (Bug?)


SeaTable supports to drag and drop PDF-files from Outlook-Attachments directly into the file column. As shown in the picture.

However, it does not work the other way. When dragging a PDF-file directly from the SeaTable column to an Email - only the Link or the PDF-icon will be copied.
Our current workaround is, that we download the file locally and drag it to the email from the download folder, which is really inconvinient on a large basis.

Any solutions to this? We would be very happy if drag and drop in both directions will be supported soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for your post.

You are right about the described behavior, and so far, there is no other solution than the way you described.

But feel free to add your suggestion to the feature requests.

Thanks for the reply. I added it to the feature request.

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