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maybe an easy question, but how to create a dropdown menu (single select) with an item list from another sheet?

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In this case, what you need is not the column type “Single Select”, but “Link to other records”. By deactivating the setting “Allow linking to multiple records”, one cell is only able to be linked to one record in the same table or from another table.

You’ll see this feature is only better than a “dropdown menu”, as it displays more information about the records you would like to select from.

P.S. - as this is not a bug, I’m moving this post to General.

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Thank you for your fast answer!

One more thing: How to collect/display linked records in another column?

Records in Column A&Column B should display in Column C

I tried diffrent ways, diddn work

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Well, what did you do exactly?

As we have extended the functionality to quote linked records in the formula, you should specify the exact field of the linking.

For example, you could use

{ColumnA.Name}&" "&{ColumnB.Name}

to do the trick:

worked! Is there a way to display each entry in a new row in the same cell? Because in the details view, i like them as a “list” Not a long sentence…

I tried

"#1 "&{Leistung #1.Leistungen}&char10&{Leistung #2.Leistungen}

greetings Nico

Unfortunately, this is not possible.