Duplicates when using lookup

I decided to return one topic to discussion:

I have 1 row in a table linked to 8 rows in another table, and then using the Lookup function to display the values from a specific column:


But when the values are all the same, (which is common in my use case), I have needless repetition. Is it possible to display the value just once, and remove the duplicates?

It’s been 2 years but the problem has never been fixed. Maybe now there is a possibility to fix it?


The Link formula column shows the correct values.
As this request is for a very specific use case that does not affect the public, it has not been worked on.

Perhaps you can use a formula to output the value only once, so please take a look.

As @fsa said: This is not a bug. This is why there is no need to fix it. If anything, this is a feature request.

You can try to use FINDMIN, FINDMAX or ROLLUP (rather than LOOKUP) to handle this kind of a situation. This can be done now!

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