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I use seatable free version and I am trying to edit document:

I upload the file but when I click on icon it opens onlyoffice as document viewer and I cannot make any change.
This is the menu that I see:

How can I have online editing feature ?


Hi georgew,

I just did a test by uploading a Word file and it worked. I didn’t need to set up an account with OnlyOffice.
I added a column to SeaTable of the type file and then uploaded it. I have the Cloud Enterprise version of SeaTable (justr in case that is relevant to why it worked for me. I uploaded the file in Safari.

So th editing features is only for paid subscriptions? Because I think that the blog article says that it’s available for free, too.

Is there any problem with the file extention (docx)?

The editing feature is only for paid subscriptions.

But in the blog post it says this :

Online editing is available in all SeaTable Cloud subscriptions, including the free subscription

So is it sure that it’s only for paid subscription?

Do I understand the post wrongly?

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Apologies for this mishap. This is wrong indeed. We’ll rectify the release notes ASAP.

Precisely, online document editing with ONLYOFFICE is only available in the paid subscriptions. It is NOT available in our free subscription.

If I upgrade to plus subscription, then only me I will be able to edit using only office?

Other users with them I have share my database will can edit or they also need plus subscrpiton?

The edit permission is part of your user profile, not a property of the base.

Hence, if YOU upgrade to a paid subscription,

  • you can edit office documents online
  • users who you shared a base with can edit office documents online only if they are also Plus or Enterprise subscribers

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