Email containing image shows duplicate images in sent email / prefilled link doesn't work in rich text

I use seatable enterprise

  1. I created a button that sends an email to users from an email column. I selected rich text to add an image at the top of the email followed by the email body text. When the email arrives it contains the image twice: once where it should be and again after the text body. See screenshot. I only inserted the image once.

  2. Also, the email contains a link to a form containing pre-filled email addresses from the column “Email”. (I assumed that the correct way to reference an email column is “?prefill_Email={Email}”). This works in a text-only email but in rich text the pre-filled form link I sent does not work. I tried removing the link formatting so that it was just a text link, but it still didn’t add the email address from the Email column to the link. See screenshot of received email.