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Hi ,
I try to embed a particular view in our department web site to share some project status among team like you did in Seatable website for roadmap.
I’m wondering if I share view like this, this view can be browsed by external user without registering at Seatable?
Or, only registered and active user can browse such an embedded view?(accordingly external user will see error page there?)

SeaTable’s external links make embedding a base or just a view in a website very simple. This are just two examples:

External links are public links, meaning no login is required to access the resource. If you want to prevent external users from seeing the table, I suggest embedding the link on an intranet page.

If you want the base to be only visible to users, hence requiring a login, you can embed the base’s URL. If a user is not logged in, the user will see the SeaTable login prompt. The disadvantage here: You need a license for every user.

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Thank you, I will check it out.

Previously when I shared collective form with non-registeted our colleagues, it failed so I misunderstand sharing view by external link would be not possible, either.
But as per your explanation, now I figure out that view shared by external view can be browsed by everybody(of course as far as they are accessible to server)


Exactly! Just put the external link in an tag (e.g., ) Use the style parameters to manipulate the dimension of the table.

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