English page for import and export a script in German

Hi there,
Just to tell you that I noticed that the page https://seatable.io/en/docs/javascript-python/import-und-export-eines-skriptes/ is actually in German (and the weird thing is that the menu on the left refers to German documentation to : looks like the link refers to the German page).

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for your guidance, and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. We’ve identified an occasional issue stemming from our use of weglot.com for auto-translating our website and subsequently caching it for a day. Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

  • When a non-German page is accessed,
  • Weglot automatically translates the page and generates an HTML rendering,
  • This HTML version is then cached for a duration of one day,
  • Subsequent requests retrieve the cached HTML file.

This caching makes our website super fast.

This process presents a challenge: if, for any reason, the auto-translation is rejected by Weglot—potentially due to reaching a limit or delayed responses— the “English” page remains untranslated, while the German version is cached for a day.

You can see this at the end of the source code of this specific page:

This occurrence is quite rare, so I hadn’t investigated it further, and it typically resolves itself after a day.

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