Error amount form to table


First of all, sorry for my English…

I found during my tests made on seatable, that the form does not return the right amounts:

for example:
when writing: 15,00

it adds in the table: 1500,00

Other example :
When writing: 12,50
it adds in the table: 1250,00

I use the last version of seatable.

thanks for help

@daniel.pan I can confirm the issue.

To reproduce:

  • In a currency column, set decimal separator to comma
  • In a form, enter an amount in the currency field using a comma as decimal separator
    → Result: SeaTable discards the comma and saves the value without comma.

(There is no equivalent problem when using the currency column with dot as decimal separator.)

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I will check the issue.

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SeaTable 2.8 should have fixed the problem. Can you test, please?

@yblis Unless you contradict, I assume that the problem has been solved and I will close the topic.

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