Error: Batch Update 1000 Row Limit


Our team been using seatable for the last 1 month and have encountered an issue very recently regarding performing some actions on some tables.

I am unable to copy content exceeding 1000 rows between (and within tables).
Similarly, I cannot use the Find and replace function on the front-end to perform a batch update of more then 1000 rows.

1000 or fewer still work but anymore will result in the following error: image

The error itself doesnt explicitly state why but investigating the server logs shows the following:

dtable-server - error message: { error_type: 'batch_update_rows_exceeds_limit', error_message: 'Batch update of rows exceeds limit 1000' }

The unusual thing about all this is that only a week prior, I was definitely able to perform these operations for over 1000 rows at any given time, but it has since changed.

Our team did make some config changes, but none of them were related to this. And we cannot locate where in the config we can change this property.

Does anyone know where we can remove or alter this limit?

Hi, this is not a bug. I assume your team is using the self-hosted version, right?
There’s this new limit of row actions since SeaTable 2.0. So your team must have updated the installation in the last week!

This limit cannot be manually configured. Sorry for the inconvenience!

(As this is not a bug, I’m moving this topic from Bugs to General)

Though the limit can’t be configured. We can fix the problem by creating multiple API calls each with less than 1000 rows in the next release.