Error Message when I try to list all Groups via API

I want to list all groups via an API call and used the example at SeaTable API Reference.

I replaced the token in the example with my individual Auth-Token but got a “you do not have the permission” error. What is wrong?

curl \
    --location \
    --request GET '' \
    --header 'Authorization: Token <my individual Auth-Token>'

{"detail":"You do not have permission to perform this action."}

The Auth-Token itselfe is working. For example, I can perform a

curl \
    -H 'Authorization: Token <my individual Auth-Token>' \


You are trying to query the group members of organization 1 which is unlikely to be your team id. :wink:

Please use this API call to find out your team’s ID: SeaTable API Reference

I was also wondering what this org-id was all about and searched for an org_id in via the Web-Frontend - with no success. And I do not find anything about how to retreive the org_id in the API-Reference.

In the description (see screenshot below) it just sais “org_id 1”. No further explanation and no reference to the apropiate topic.

I seached the API-Reference again and I now found a way to retreive the org_id: Get Team Info.

Because the org_id is necessary and mandotory for all group operations I recommend to put this to the top of the Group-Section. I cannot do anything with groups without to know my org_id. In all topics where the org_id is needet a reference to the “Get Team Info” topic including a link would be helpful.

And - last recommendation for now :wink:

Put “org_id” in the description text of “Get Team Info”. If you search for “org_id” within the API Reference you will not find it.

Thanks for the recommendations. @Karlheinz: Can you see how we can improve the API reference?

Did you see that I posted the Get Team Info API call in my response?

Did you see that I posted this API call in my response?

If you mean me: No :wink: The reference brings me to “List Bases in a Group”. I tried it a couple of times. I check it now again and when I compare the anchors I can see they are different. Putting the curser in the address field and hitting enter brings me to the right API-Call: “Get Team Info”.

Some strange behavior of my browser (Firefox). ¯\(ツ)

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