Error turning on Big Data function

Hi all, I’m self-hosting Seatable 4.1.9 and I’m attempting to enable the Big Data feature in my base, upon turning it on I get an error “Failed to turn on big data feature”, however the feature remains in the enabled state, and I’m able to go to the index management tab, and I can even click “Add index”.

Under the index management tab there are no tables or columns listed, and if I hit “submit” I get a “Please check the network.” message.

I feel like this is probably some kind of network/communication error, I’m just not sure where to start as there isn’t a ton of documentation on the Big Data feature.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

The big data feature should work out of the box. Do you observe any other issue with your server?

Did you check the log files in /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable/conf for errors? You should find a hint there.

Do you encounter this problem in any base or just this one base?

Can you check if your dtable-db component running correctly?


I assume you meant /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable/logs, I’ve checked these but saw nothing of importance, or anything related to the issue, this problem persists across bases new and old, it’s pretty much the only thing that isn’t functional.


dtable-db is running correctly from what I can tell, there’s nothing grabbing my attention in the logs, and everything functions normally except for the big data feature.

I’m happy to provide additional information, configurations, and/or logs.

I’m somewhat stumped as I can’t really find any issues, in the interim I’m going to spin up another instance of Seatable to see if it works on a fresh install.

Can you use Chrome’s developer mode to check what error is exactly returned from the server, when you have the error “Failed to turn on big data feature” and “Please check the network”?

Hey all, apologies for the delay in response.

Through checking chrome’s console, I found the issue was with the SSL configuration (my webserver was serving mixed http/https content).

A reinstallation ensuring SSL was properly configured from end-to-end has fixed my issue.


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