Error with map plugin

Hey everyone,
I am using the latest seatable developer version. Selfhosted and in Docker.
Now I tried to make use of the map-plugin to map addresses to a map.
I added the plugin and activated the plugin or the base. But I get a blank window with the following error message:
“Das Karten-Plugin ist nicht richtig konfiguriert. Wenden Sie sich an den Administrator.”
“The map plugin is not properly configured. Please contact your administrator.”

Did I miss something or forgot something about the use of the plugin? I checked the documentation, but didn’t find a hint for my problem. Any ideas around?

best regards

Please consult the admin manual: Templates and Manual - SeaTable Admin Manual

(Comes up when you search for “map” in the manual.)

Shame on me.
Thanks for the hint. I‘m sure this will work out.

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