Excel import .json not found

I have a problem with the import of a xlsx-File. I get the error message: “File… .json not found.”
I use the free plan and don´t exceed the number of Rows and columns, there are no images inside the table but three rows as Head. Does anybody have a fix for this?
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-05 um 16.19.08

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Pretty long filename… you are right…
It is a list for a memorial site of victims/prisoners of the Nazis in the time of 1933-1945 in a local prison/KZ in Germany.

Do you try to import a XLSX file or a JSON file?

I tried a .XLSX-File exported from a Mac, i tried an export from a PC and i tried an XLSX-FIle exported from Google Sheets. Always the same bug notice.


Could you send this Excel sheet to support@seatable.io? We’d like to take a look at it.

We cannot reproduce the issue. Please see my direct message for more information.

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