Export PDF error


We I use the export function of the “Page Design” Plugin, I’ve an export error.

When I check dtable-event log, events are :

task_manager.py[line:331] [ERROR] Failed to handle task 1670261146315, error: Message: invalid cookie domain
  (Session info: headless chrome=106.0.5249.103)

Disconnect, reconnect, clear browser cache without success.

Is this a known situation?

Thanks !


by any chance someone has a solution?

This is no common error. I just tested the export of a template into a JSON file and it worked just as it should.
Do you encounter this issue with every templates or just a single one?

@rdb JSON export work as expected, the error is only for PDF export, and that’s the same with all template, else the most simple one with only text.

Ok, we are not talking template export, but PDF printing function?

In other words, you are talking about this:

Not this:

(This is why I love screenshots!!!)

Indeed screenshots are better than many words :grin:

So correct that’s for the PDF export function:

Everythings else works as expected

The error log is most likely caused by you don’t have a valid domain for your server, for example, your domain CA is invalid or expired.