External App - Images only shown for logged in user

I’m running Enterprise Edition v. 4.3.10

I stumbled across the following issue: Images are only loaded for external apps if users are logged in and authorized to access the base. Is that how it is meant to be?

It seems to be an authorization problem, the direct link to the resource resulates in 403.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create app
  2. Grant acces for unauthorized users
  3. Create page as “custom page”
  4. Add card element
  5. Upload Image
  6. Copy app link via the settings
  7. Log out (or in another browser) Open link.

Result: Text of the map is loaded, the uploaded image is not, see screenshot.
Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

We will check the issue in this week.

We can not reproduce the problem with version 4.3.10 or latest version 4.4. I suggest you re-test again when version 4.4 is ready.

Are there any errors in the Browser console?

SeaTable 4.4 is now available. Could you retest and report your result?