External app link has SeaTable branding

I have designed a universal app and created an external app link to share with users.
The page has SeaTable branding. How to remove this?

Self-hosted server with latest Enterprise edition 4.3. Tried with chrome, safari and duckduckgo browsers.

Of course, the app has SeaTable branding. It’s a SeaTable app. What do you expect?

The primary use-cases of any private cloud hosting are whitelabeling and datasecurity.
If whitelabeling is not possible let me know.

Also just to draw attention, when anonymous users are allowed the custom link is shown as: www.mydomain.com/apps/custom/appname and when anonymous users are not allowed the same link redirects to the login page with SeaTable branding, once logged in it again redirects to www.mydomain.com/apps/custom/appname.

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