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I would like to provide read/write access to a person who is not one of the users to a specific table in a base. This person is not a user. At the moment, I can send them an invitation, they create an account. But then they can read/write to all tables. I only want them to read/write to the specific table.
How can I do this? Or is this is a higher-level premium feature?

SeaTable’s PLUS and ENTERPRISE subscriptions include the advanced permissions. Part of the advanced permissions are view shares (-> you share one view only) and custom sharing permissions (-> you can specify which views and tables you wish to share).

Important: View and custom sharing permissions only work with members of your team. Meaning: You CAN share a view with your teammate, but you CANNOT share a view with a user in another team.

Hi Ralf

Thanks for your answer. I have the Enterprise account. For me, the confusing part is that I am able to share read/write permissions to an entire base with another person outside my team but not only to a specific table (such as by using custom-sharing) except when selecting read-only via share link. Perhaps you could look at that policy again?

Thanks for everything

With an enterprise plan, you can use SeaTable’s full feature set.

As I said in my previous mail, custom sharing permissions work EXCLUSIVELY with other team members. They do NOT work with external users.

If you want to share only parts of a base (i.e., a view, a table, several tables) with read-write permissions, the user has to be part of your team. This is a restriction imposed by us (not technically driven).

OK, how do I make someone part of my team in an Enterprise plan?

  • Log into SeaTable
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner
  • Select “Team admin”
  • Select “Team” in the navigation on the left
  • Hit “Add user” button

Quick question: How many users are allowed in an Enterprise Plus account? It seems that there is a charge per user. Is that right?



For more info, please have a look at the SeaTable Cloud plans.

What counts as a “user”? If I send an invitation to an outside person to create n account and have access to my base, is this a user? Or does this person have to be a “team member”?

SeaTable Cloud knows three different subscriptions: Free, Plus, Enterprise.

A team can either be a Free, Plus, or Enterprise team. When it is a Free team, all users (max. 25) are free of charge. When the team is a Plus or Enterprise team, all users (unlimited users) cost either 7€ or 14€ per month.

As a team admin, you can add extra users via the “Team” menu in the Team Administration.

When you send an invite link to a user that already has an account, the user counts into the team where it is a team member.

When you send an invite link to a user that does not have an account yet, the person can register a new account. This new account is linked to a new (Free) team. It is not linked to your team.

Consequently, as a team admin, you have full control over how much your team costs you.

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