Extract last word from text column


is there any formula, to ectract the last word from a cell? I tried some formulas, which I found for excel or google sheets but they don’t work.

Last Name, Surname

Surname (ectracted from A1)

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This will do:

right({Name}, len({Name})-find(", ", {Name}))


This formula finds the index of ", " (comma + space) in your string {Name}. Then, use the length of your {Name} string to subtract that index, and the result is the length of the surname. Then, use the right() function to extract the surname from the {Name} string.

This method is robust with full names with double first names and double surnames.



Thank you ! Works really well!

You are welcome! I have but one correction: With the above formula, the “Surname” you got will have an extra space in front of the string. This cannot be seen on the interface, but will show in the API response.

So the better solution would be:

right({Name}, len({Name})-find(", ", {Name})-1)
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