Extract the day name from the date

Hi, I’m using Airtable at the moment but looking to change to Seatable. I run a small fixtures database that links to my club’s website.
I run this formula to populate the day:
IF(Date=BLANK(), ‘’,DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, ‘dddd’))
How can i reproduce this in Seatable?

SeaTable has no function to convert a date into the corresponding weekday (e.g., Monday, Tuesday, …)

You can still do it, but it’s a bit more complicated. I would use two formula columns:

  1. if(isempty(“Date”),“”, weekday({Date}, “Monday”)) → this will return the day in the week with Monday being day 1
  2. switch({name_of_column_with_formula_1},1, “Monday”,2, “Tuesday”,3, “Wednesday”,4, “Thursday”,5, “Friday”,“”)

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