Feature Request: push CDS sync from original base

I hope this is labeled correctly.

This came up when I was playing around with common datasets. It’s a quite nice feature but has one severe limitation that can only be overcome with API scripting (which I failed with spectacularly). Imagine you share a CDS with 50 bases. Now the only way to sync those to the original is by going into every “receiving” base individually (manually) and clicking through the “sync with dataset” button within each bases’ menu. This obviously takes hundreds of clicks and is very inefficient. While I understand the need for the option to do it the current way, I believe that admins should have the opportunity to “push” a sync from the original base (view) to all bases that are connected via the CDS.

Thanks for considering my suggestion!

Hey pueblo,
thanks for transfering your idea to https://ideas.seatable.io.
I will close the topic here.