Hey everybody,

currently, SeaTable feature requests are posted in this forum. This is supposed to change.

Soon we will release a dedicated tool where everyone who has an account for the SeaTable forum can express new feature requests and comment and upvote other suggestions.

Here are the highlights, of the new solution:

  • Authentication with the account from forum.seatable.io
  • Formulation of feature requests for SeaTable
  • Upvoting of other feature requests
  • Commenting on other feature requests
  • Sorting options: New, Most Votes, Trending
  • Search for feature requests.
  • The tool will use SeaTable as database.
  • Evaluations thanks to SeaTable.

This tool will give us a much better picture of what features are wanted and needed than is possible with this forum. Of course, this requires your cooperation.

This will be great!


That’s great news!

Considering that the tool will use SeaTable itself, would you consider sharing the way it was architected?

Thank you!

Have a nice time!

Of course. I will try my best to explain how I built this tool.
Allow me some time to finish the work.

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No worries!

Have a nice time!

Hey everybody,
you can find our new tool at https://ideas.seatable.io.
A tutorial how we build this tool will follow soon.

Cool! Maybe you can add a link somewhere at the top of the forum or in the header so people are having an easier time finding it!?

Don’t you think that this is easy enough to find:

That should do it :joy:

Seems like this is not visible on my side, probably caught by ad-blockers :man_shrugging:

This is what I see on my side:

Edit: I now see where you put it, all perfect…ignore my unqualified message :zipper_mouth_face:

All good!

@cdb has already transferred some of feature requests to https://ideas.seatable.io :wink:

Am I blind? Where is the Feature Request tool link in the header of forum.seatable?

What you see is the header of the category “feature request”. Here is the direct link: Feature Requests - SeaTable Forum.

To go there: just scroll down on the home page and click on the category “feature requests”:
Or use the link in the category description.

By the way: the category feature request is closed. It is not possible to create a new topic in this category.

Best regards

I find it a pity that we now have to go to two different forums and not very user-friendly. It would be more helpful if there was a way of keeping the two parts in one place, such as a “dashboard”-style interface in which both support and feature requests are displayed.

We evaluated the possibilities to extend the discourse forum with plugins, but we made the experience that a discourse forum is not the right tool to gather feature-requests or ideas from the community. Switch from discourse to another solution was no option.

Therefore, we decided to set up a separate domain (https://ideas.seatable.io). The forum category “Feature Request” is only to archive all the former ideas. We could have deleted this category, but decided to disable this category.

In the short run, this split might feel like more effort, but ultimately these two systems will help the community:

For me this looks straightforward.

Best regards

… and we may still remove the “Feature Request” category from the SeaTable Forum in its entirety after a transition period to prevent confusion among new SeaTable users.

I understand your logic and let’s wait and see how this develops. What is important is as a user I can easily get access to all information. Hence the dashboard idea.
Have a great week

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I promised a tutorial and here is the tutorial how I built ideas.seatable.io.

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