Fields in LOG panel to small

Hi there,

It is important for my tables that I have some logging of what changes are made to records/fields.
In the History => Log and in the Expanded record view => Log, I can see the changes that are made.
However, the area where the changes are visible is very small, it is sometimes impossible to see the change. See screenshot. The edited words are more further in the sentence, which I can’t see.
In most cases I can’t see the changes. Is there a way to see the changes in fields with more than a few words?

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-13 om 18.48.15

Thanks in advance!


Hi Peter,
you are right: The logs keeps track of all the activities in your tables of a base. New rows, change of values, … - everything is logged right there.
Unfortunately, the activity log cannot be expanded or shown in a separate window at this point. Sorry. For the time being, you need to live with its drawbacks. We are working on it.
Best, Ralf

Hey Peter,

@rdb is right, there’s unfortunately currently no way to display the whole sentence in the base editor.

But, alternatively, with some more mouse clicks, you can see the exact changes made in the last 7 days in every base in your library. In the base library, under the “Activities” menu, all the activities in the last 7 days are listed here, sorted by bases.

When you click on the activities details (marked red above in the screenshot), a popover window shows you the details. Here, a little bit more information is provided: the row name.

The types of changes are listed here, too: if you have inserted, modified, or deleted a row. In your screenshot, I understand it’s a modification, so you are more interested in the “Modify row” type of change.

Click on the “Details”, and the exact details of this modification is now shown:

Yes, this is not so easy as the activity log in the base editor! But if you really need to know the exact changes, this could be helpful!

Thanks, this is very helpful!
There is more information visible in the Activity view, great!

PS. I see some details of row modifications where the Last Modifier is visible as a ID code
Not In big issue, but just letting you know



Glad to have helped! And thanks for reporting this issue - this definitely needs to be, and soon will be, improved!

And - just for information: This issue can only be visible if the listed collaborators and you are not in the same organization. Their names are displayed as a user ID, because SeaTable cannot find their names in the current organization. Probably because this base was imported from another organization? When you and the collaborators are in the same organization, their names should be displayed:

Screenshot from 2020-12-14 13-24-25