Filter and calendar view offset dates by 1 day


I’m exploring Seatable for a project and I have had issues with dates.
I’m using the Cloud version with a free account, I believe it is version 2.8.11 (not entirely sure where to find that).

I have a column with dates and I am using the calendar plugin. When I render a view in the calendar, the dates are offset by 1 day. So if an entry actually has “29/03/2022” in the date field, it shows under 28/03/2022 on the calendar.

I have the same issue with filters: when I filter the date field for “yesterday” it actually keeps records for the current date. If I select “today”, the records filtered are actually dated of tomorrow’s date.

I thought it was a time difference issue (I’m on GMT-5) but the offset remains the same throughout the day (so even when GMT-5 and GMT0 are on the same date).

The column type is “Date”, format “European (DD/MM/YYYY)”, “accurate to minute” disabled, “set default value” disabled as well. When I do enable “set default value” and select “Current date”, the date populated on new records is correct.

Is that a bug or am I missing some settings somewhere?

We will check the issue. In theory, all dates are cheated as the browser’s local time zone. So there should be no time zone issue.

Hi, I did a bit of testing on date format and this issue with dates shifted by 1 for filtering is only there when “accurate to minute” is disabled in the column type settings.

Another issue, related or not, is that if values already exist in the date column, when I switch to enable “accurate to minute”, the date values are switched to -1 day.

Here is an example:
Initial column setup

Initial values (April 1 to 4)
2022-04-03 20_35_53-Window
Filter setting to today (today is April 3 when testing)
2022-04-03 20_35_28-Window
Filtering result
2022-04-03 20_35_40-Window

Then I changed the column setting to enable “accurate to minute”

The values where changed by -1 day (now from March 31 to April 3)
2022-04-03 20_36_30-Window
But the filter result now is accurate

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Thanks for following up!

Version 3.0, due in May, will include a fix.

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SeaTable 3.0 was released on Tuesday. Can you confirm that your problem has been fixed?

I take the liberty of following up: Did the update solve your issue?

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