SeaTable 3.0 out now!

We are very happy to announce

the release of SeaTable 3.0 and the go-live of the new team administration for SeaTable Cloud!

Beginning today, SeaTable 3.0 is available on Docker Hub for download. SeaTable Cloud was updated this morning. SeaTable Cloud users benefit from the major release’s new features without any extra effort.

New features of SeaTable 3.0 include:

  • Data validation: Define a target format and have SeaTable warn you when the data input does not conform with the defined format
  • Online editing of office files: Open office files in a web-based editor directly from a file column. And save edited versions right back in SeaTable.
  • Improved common datasets:
  • New storage backend: The new backend increases storage efficiency while maintaining SeaTable’s super powerful snapshot capability.

Have a look at the Release Notes for more information on the highlights above as well as other improvements. The Changelog details the complete list of changes.


The new team administration will facilitate the management of smaller and larger teams. A redesigned interface offers more transparency and user-friendliness, new features give you more control over your team, and the added payment methods cater to differing requirements.

Our blog article The new team administration elaborates on the reasons for new team administration, the various new features, and how you can use it to manage your team efficiently.

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Release note and changelog links are not working .

I gave a try on the onlyoffice integration in the cloud version and I get a “security token issue, contact the server admin” on onlyoffice frontend.

Both links are not working for me either

same here, links not working

Apologies for the mishap regarding release notes and changelog. I had inadvertently scheduled the two articles’ publication for Thursay. Both are now available.

We cannot reproduce the problem. Does the problem persist?

Hello, the release notes for version 3.0.0 state the addition of “A general external app that supports multiple pages”. Is this an app for making a web pages view of a base, like the “Interfaces” feature of Airtable? Also, are you sure it’s in version 3.0.0? I can’t find it.

I guess you mean the changelog. The release notes make no mention of the general external app. Anyway, good catch :wink:

Let me explain: First of all, the changelog is correct. The code for the internal app has been developed. Secondly, we haven’t released it yet. Hence no mention in the release notes. Please be patient. I promise you do not have to be patient for long. Because, thirdly, we wanted to put it in SeaTable 3.0, but we ran out of time to put some finishing touches on the app. It will be released in SeaTable 3.1 - which will be released shortly.

follow-up here :

by the way, nice move to add the onlyoffice, great idea.
Will it be available for the DE too ?

I have a collabora running for my nextcloud, will it be possible to integrate it later ?
Or as onlyoffice is also usable for nextcloud, I may move to one onlyoffice instance for both if that’s doable.

minor thing, in the french release note, there is still german text not translated “Das Zielformat wird in Form eines”

I tried with more documents in more bases and with two different browsers. The result is the same: I cannot reproduce the problem.

Does anyone else encounter the problem?

Doubt it. But please try in English to make sure.

I’v edited my post will you were writing :wink:

Unfortunately not.

Thanks for the hint regarding the release notes. The French version is automatically translated. I guess the translation tool has a problem with the {}. I’ll have a look at the earlierst convenience.

Thanks, and is it an app for making a web pages view of a base?

The idea is to build applications to work with your partners, suppliers, customers outside of your team. They can only see data specific to them. (If you share a base to outside people, they can see all the data, and it is hard to control data permissions when you have a lot of users inside a base.)

A general interface design will not be available in a short time. At first, you can only add pre-defined pages like tables, calendar, forms, gallery. This can already meet some use cases.

Later, depend on the demands, more features will be added.


Just upgraded my Developer Edition from 2.7.0 to 3.0.0.
Love the documentation on it, and it all worked out beautifully so far.

Thank you for your effort and the ease of use. Still loving Seatable so much!!

Hi, In principle this has now been released on 7 August 2022, but I can’t find it. Can you show us where it is? Thanks

I don’t understand your comment. All the links in my initial post at the top work and link to the correct page. So all the info on SeaTable 3.0 is available from this post.

Sorry, what I meant was - has the following feature been rolled out, and if so, where can I find it?

“A general external app that supports multiple pages”

I see. Not yet. We are still working on it.