Filter appears in all duplicated Apps

Hi guys,

we discovered an unusual behaviour and just wanted to check if there is an explanation or a way to stop it.
So we have built a lot of apps by duplicating them. If I now change the filter in one of them (not via the settings, just in the view) then this filter appears in all duplicated apps. Luckily this happens just for the person doing it and not for all users, but it is still a risk for mistakes and confusion.

Can anyone help?

Do you use SeaTable Cloud or do you run your own self-hosted server? Which version do you use?

dedicated SeaTable Cloud, 4.4.9

I can confirm this behaviour and I added this to our issue list.

Here is what happened:
If a universal app is duplicated, the new app has a new app_id but the page_ids are the still the same. The filter is assigned only to the page_id and not the combination of app_id and page_id.