Filter not working well

Hello , I have the following issue with filter. It is not filtering according to my And rule.

Since all payment due date is after today, my filter rule should return me a blank screen. but it return some values as shown below.

I cannot reproduce your problem.

I guess there is something wrong with the result type in the column “Payment Due” (see your other post) or the column “Payment” is not really empty.

Hello @rdb this is strange. I have use red line to show the column that filter condition depends on

and payment due column is detected as “Date”

filter does filter some values, but not all was filtered. ( the dates shown in blue square should be filtered off as well )

when i remove the 2nd condition , those values that are filtered off reappear.

i think i know where the issue is.
i use {inv date} + 14 instead of using “dateadd” formula

below is what i have changed. and now it seems to be working till now.

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