"find" and "search" function are seemingly broken in 3.3.7


I recently upgraded my (self-hosted) SeaTable instance to 3.3.7 (not realizing that it still isn’t officially released) and realized that all “find” and “search” functions (we have a lot of them) are not returning 0 when the string is not found, but instead are returning #VALUE! rendering a bunch of functions, we created to have a better overview a bit useless :wink:

I wanted to ask if you’re aware of that, and if it’s an intentional change or a bug.

Thank you for your amazing product and have a good day :slight_smile:

This is not a bug, but a modification in the way the find() and search() functions work.

Why this change? Because the two functions now work just like their Excel counterparts do (see below). We did this in an effort to make the transition from Excel to SeaTable easier.

We are sorry that this affects you negatively.

In version 3.3, the behaviour of find and search functions were changed to meet the corresponding behaviour in Excel.

We realize that this will case problems in some cases. So in version 3.4, you can use if/ifs/switch to judge whether a value returned by find/search is #VALUE!. I hope this can solve your problem.


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