Find out which options of a multi selection are not yet selected

Hi there. I have a multi Selection column , in wich I follow on stations, a new employe has to visit on inprocessing.

Now. I can see, which places are already visited by the selected entries in the multi Select. What I want to have in addition is a list, which of the possible selections are not yet made.

despite the obvious creation of check box Columns for each and every station, Ihave no Idea how to achieve this. And yes, I don’t want 20 columns for somethingthat can be held in 2 columns.

Any one with some magic?

Hey Gerald,
I don’t get your point. You want to save which stations an employee has visited?
Something like this?

Please explain in more details.

Almost like that. In essence I want to have 2 lists. First one is already present. It is the selected stations the new employee already visited. The second one is the list of stations still to be visited.

This second list is what gives me headache.
In the end, I want to have the names of the visited stations next do the ones still to go.

A number like representation like the one you showed,is not considered " top staff save" :slight_smile: