Form help or remarks text - can't change size of text from "paragraph" to "H1" or other headers

Hi, I want to change the text size of the help text or remarks text in a form from the current “paragraph” to a larger size, such as H3, or H4. It seems impossible to do this.
When I highlight the word or sentence and then select one of the options, the highlight disappears and nothing changes.
SeaTable Enterprise cloud
Browser: Safari 16.4

I cannot reproduce the problem on Windows 10, Chrome.

Just checked it on Firefox on the iMac and it seems to work. Is obviously a Safari issue.

It works fine with Safari here though. :thinking: Only thing I encountered is that for a remark when you set it to a headline, the color setting outside of the text editor (the one directly in the form sidebar) is ignored. Headlines stay black no matter which color you choose.

Strange. Perhaps it is a cache issue - often the culprit on Safari.

Hi Pueblo, could you confirm again that changing from paragraph to H1, H2 etc works? I reset my browser, cleared the cache and the problem is still there, both for help text and remarks. Are you using cloud SeaTable or self-hosting? I am cloud.

Yup, you are right. I had a remark that was already formatted to H3 in another browser and it would keep that formatting on the “pre-formated” line when changing text. But changing it back to paragraph or formatting any other line to a headline does indeed not work with Safari. Like a few other things unfortunately. It’s a pain to always have to switch browsers just for SeaTable.

The culprit in this is of course Safari. All the same, gone are the days when websites could write “best viewed in Explorer” to point out potential incompatibility. Perhaps ST can look in to making Safari work.

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