Formatted mail text in 4.3: Bug / Missing Feature concerning Links

Hi! Sending formatted mails from automations is great! Thanks for adding this feature!

A litte glitch: Using Links from fields with {column name} doesn’t seem to work:

● When we create such dynamic links, the dialog where you enter the URL jumps to an empty page
● Our workaround was to create a fixed link, then copy this one, and modify it, entering {column name} as the (dynamic) link URL

Doesn’t work: The placeholder {column name} is never substituted with the actual Link URL from the column.

All we can do now is insert {column name} directly into the text, which makes the link non-clickable text in the resulting mail. Creating a proper link would be nice.

Again: Functionality is great, and this is just a minor glitch.

We will check issue.

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Do you record your the URL in a link column?

If we support “{a-link-column}” to be replaced by a clickable link (instead of plain text) in the email template, do you think if it can meet your need?

@daniel.pan Hey Daniel, we’ve got a similar problem.
We are using placeholder in our emails like {email} {first_name} etc. but the placeholder is not getting replaced in the sent email.

The client email looks like that:
2024-02-26 um 15-40-14

Do you send rich text emails via button or an automation?

If you send via button, you cannot use {column name}. You must use menu bar icon to insert column references:

This is an inconsistency between the rich text editor that will be changed in a future version.

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@rdb Thank you so much - this solution works for us. Yes, we’ve been using a button :slight_smile:

We will check the issue.