Formula in primary column

Maybe this exists already, but I can’t find it? Using version 1.4 is it possible to use a formula as the primary column? I would like to concatenate text (First Name, Last Name and date of birth) as the primary. Also would like to concatenate in a custom autonumber on some tables.


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At this point (including SeaTable 1.5), using a formula type column as the first column is not possible. Sorry! Yet, your request is welcome and, in fact, it is on our development list.

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First of all - welcome to the SeaTable Forum! Glad to see you are using the self-hosted version.
As SeaTable relies on the handling of records with the first column in the backend, it’s presently only possible to use the types Text, Number, Date, and Auto Number. I would personally suggest you use the first column as a reference and the second column as a primary. We are sure this will be improved in the very next releases!

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I would like to second this feature request - and ask if the priority could be raised.

It would be incredibly helpful for our use case! And probably for many others. Working with linked tables, it’s often desirable to build a primary key string as a concatanation of other columns, and doing this with formulas would be a dream. Currently we use server-side Python scripts to achieve this, but this is honestly not very reliable.




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Is there an update on if and when this will be added? We are also in need of this as all our bases use a formula for the primary key. Furthermore, for now, we use javascript to create the concatenation, but linked fields cannot be used, it returns as a blank field in that case. Would someone have a solution for that?

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I know this feature/column type from Airtable and I am very interested in this feature as well.

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Hello, I’m new in SeaTable, trying to migrate from Airtable. This is the first limitation I’m facing. Without this feature, I will probably not be able to migrate all my works.
Hope to see this feature soon.