Found no way to show the asterisk (*) in long text through API append

It’s rather a small issue, but I wonder if there is a solution or workaround.

if I use the seatable_api to append some rows with base.append_row, and the text contains literal asterisks (*) instead of markup notation, the “long text” cell will show no asterisk and a “…” at the end of the text. See the screenshot.


I would assume that the asterisk (*) is treated as half the italic markup *italic*, and the “…” is telling me it couldn’t find the closing half.

However, if I manually edit the text in webpage, the * will remain if I don’t close it with another *.

What I want:
I have searched the forum and found a dev’s explanation (slightly different scenario), which I agree

However then, in the case that I use API to append text containing asterisks to a long text cell, how to keep the asterisk as is, instead of being treated as a part of markup?

What I tried:
Just like in actual markdown, I tried escape with backslash \*, but that doesn’t work. The backslash itself is shown, but not the asterisk.

The choices I have are: 1. use text instead of long text, 2. accept the behavior, it’s not a big deal anyway.

The long text column store content in Markdown format.

The cell in the grid shows a preview of the actual content of the long text. The * is removed when generating the preview, because * is usually used as markup.

Does that mean there is no way of showing a * in the long text format in my use case? That seems a bug then.

According to your reply:

The cell in the grid shows a preview of the actual content of the long text

My following attempts don’t work:

  • Backquote, like `*`
  • Escape, \*

They only work if I manually enter them in webform, but don’t work if I use API in a Python script.

Update: And, the reply doesn’t seem to “solve” my question.

As I explained, the * is removed when generating the preview text for the cell.

It is likely the preview text is not generated in this case, and if the preview is not generated, the first a few strings in the field is shown, which contains ‘*’.

Please pardon me commenting again. I don’t want to bother you, but I think you missed my point.

My major issue is: I need to see *, can I do that?
My reasoning is: It’s not right to make the users (through API) not able to use * as actual printable character in the case fore-mentioned.

In markdown, * can be shown by escaping (\*) or backquoting (`*`) it. Thus I was hoping seatable to support that, too. Turns out not.

My point is that: it is not supported only in the cell preview and I explained the underlying reason why it is not supported: * is mostly used as markup, showing * in the preview will confuse users as in the extended dialog, the * is not shown; also, a lot of * in table cells make the UI looks ugly.

As you said, it is a small issue of not showing *, so we don’t have a plan to support it.

Thanks, I think that finally explains clearly.

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