Free Account: Snapshots and logs to repair lost data

Not really a base design question, but couldn’t see where else it could go…

I want to use the ‘long text’ text field to hold information which may end up being used in employment tribunals or courts months after it was recorded. So I need the data backups to be robust.

How often are snapshots taken in the free accounts? Are there certain triggers, or is it purely timebased? If viewing a snapshot, is it possible to copy/paste single cells or rows, and replace lost data (with all the formatting intact) without having to restore the entire table?

The logs look really good, but when I try to copy/paste from a log back into a cell that lost data, it does retain any formatting/links. This could be a lifesaver for recovering some lost data, but not ideal as the records would normally contain a lot of formatting, quoting, pasted emails, and links, and this would be difficult to recreate from just plain text.



Snapsots are stored for one month in the SeaTable Cloud Free version. Snapshots are created once a day if changes have been made in the base.

When you restore a snapshot, a copy of the entire base is always created. It is not possible to restore individual rows only. As you rightly say, you can view a snapshot and then also copy a row and paste it into the productive base, and no formatting or similar will be lost.

What exactly do you mean by that?

Thanks for your reply.

What exactly do you mean by that?

I meant that the log is great for an emergency, to retreive the main part of an entry. However, all the formatting, hyperlinks and inserted images are lost, so it is not a perfect recovery.


In the log you can see who has made which changes, this is normally not used for restoring.

To do this, you can either restore a snapshot or open the snapshot view.

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