Gallery and Grouping


It would be great if when basing a Gallery view on a view containing grouping, we could have a Gallery filter like the one I posted on the picture.

But too many groups could end up to bad display. So we should limit group number to 10 for example.


thanks for your request. You are right - there’s currently no way to put the groupings directly through to the gallery view.

But there’s some workaround idea, which would require some more mouse clicks:

  1. When you create a grouped view, you can also create one single view for each group. I know, this is some extra work: if you have 10 groups, you’ll have to create 10 new views.

  2. Then, in the Gallery plugin, you’ll have to repeat this action: because the views in the Gallery view is independent to those in the base:

Then, for each Gallery view, you’ll go into the settings and select the corresponding view to let this Gallery view only display the contents in each view you created in Step 1.

Again, this would require you to do some extra work on creating views for each group. But - if your groupings is fixed and your daily work is only to add/remove items to or from each group, this method would be great for you as it only costs a 1-time effort.

Thanks for the reply. This is a very good workaround indeed.

But I still think that it would be great and very interesting comparing to Seatable competitors to have a gallery filters directly deduced from groups, it will make view creation easier and dynamic.

Example: when you have a group by a link field, it make the view dynamic.
In the example, I showed a picture with tabs but it could be collapsible panels also.

Seatable is a great product, and I think that it would be greater with all community ideas.

thanks again for your feature request. Of course we take all the community ideas seriously, and that’s why I have already noted this request in our list before the last reply :wink: