Gallery bug (wrong value)

I discovered a bug in the Gallery Plugin. When sorting the table by a formula field the values displayed in the Gallery are sometimes different than in the table. In this specific case the formula to calculate the field value is a sum divided by an if condition → sum(“a”, “b”, “c”, “d”, “e”)/if(“b”=0;4;5). The value displayed in the table is correctly calculated and displayed (divided by 4 for those cases where b=0 and divided by 5 where the are not).In the gallery view though the display value is always the one divided by 5 although this value is nowhere to be found in the table.

Can you please have a look at this!?


Edit: Update! After torturing my brain with this for quite a while, I finally found out what is triggering the issue…empty cells!

This is obviously still a strange bug (or maybe it makes sense for developers, I’m not sure :man_shrugging:).

To explain in more detail: When there are empty cells somewhere along the calculation, link and formula chain, the result of all calculations display the correct and expected values in the table view (that is, treating empty cells like zeros). The Gallery plugin though seems to not rely on the table calculations but a separate calculation chain that behaves somehow differently (how exactly I was not yet able to find out). However the funniest and strangest results were generated with different combinations of empty cells and zeros. Neither of which correlated with the “right” values that were already displayed in the table view.

In my personal understanding this is very confusing. Should a plugin not just take the values from the already correctly generated values from the main table?

You can mark this as solved if you like but to save other people wasted hours for figuring this out in similar situations I’d still consider this a bug that needs some attention :wink:

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