German price formats

Hi, I want to display prices using the German format, specifically, inserting the € sign after the number (e.g. 300 €). How can I do it?

Hi, this is not yet possible with the number column. But you can use a formula to realize this. Let’s say your number column is “Price” and you can write this formula to simply concatenate the number with a space and an euro sign:

{Price}&' €'


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Thanks Karlheinz. I will do that.

Quick follow up. The formula returns the price, e.g. 1000 € without the separating point (e.g. 1.000 €). How can I do that?

Sorry, just seen how to do it!

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Does this provide a solution? Can we mark as solved?

HI Ralf
In this case, I would say “yes”. Thanks!!

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