Getting unique values of a referenced single select column

I am trying to get a summary of a single select column from a referenced table. The idea is kind of referencing cakes that can be of different types. Using a formula like this:


This displays all the single select values. So if the referenced cakes are 10 cherry crumbles and 10 cheese cakes, the cell will display 20 tags. But I would just like to get the 2 unique values here. Is this possible with a formula?

Hey despens,

is that what you want to achieve? You reference multiple values from the table “Cakes” to “Table1”.
Now you would like to remove duplicate values like I did manually in the column "Remove duplicates?

Currently, SeaTable does not provide such a function to remove the duplicates. But you could write a small JavaScript or python script and an automation will execute this script every time a row is updated.
This will require an enterprise account, but then you could accomplish your requirement.

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Thanks Christoph, yes the screenshot shows the result I’m looking for. So I’d need a script, which is not too bad.

I like how notion handles such “rollups”: depending on the type of referenced column, it offers some standard summarization options. You can for instance display lowest, highest, or average value, earliest date, latest date, time span, unique values, etc. It’s quite useful and reduces the instances you have to deal with formulas, maybe something that SeaTable could offer as well.

Hey despens,

  1. use link formula
    SeaTable also offers such rollup functions. It is called “Link formula”.

Right now these formulas are supported:

  • lookup
  • rollup
  • countlinks
  • findmin
  • findmax

Still there is no possibility to remove duplicates right now.

  1. use a formula
    also you could use any formula in SeaTable with a link column. But right now there is no formula for “remove duplicates.”

In summary: right now you have to go with a custom script in combination with an automation.

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