"Ghost" existance of deleted LDAP users?

Hello all,

I have tried to setup an LDAP connection for Seatable EE, but initially I got a too long list of users. I deleted all synced LDAP users, and fine-tuned the filtering, and eventually everything worked well.

However there is one problem: I get the users’ email address from the “mail” field in LDAP. For some users - apparently the ones that had been imported in my initial (too large) import - the email address is not imported. If I try to add it manually, Seatable will tell me there is already a user with this email address. To me this looks like the deleted users from the initial import are somehow still existing an “ghost entries” - blocking the email address import.

Is this correct? Any solution to completely remove the already deleted users?

Thanks a lot


An additional comment: I tried to find the user account entries (including the users Email address) in the Docker MySQL server (I can connect to the SQL server) - but I could not detect the table where this information is stored. Does anybody know where to search for this?



Can you to clean records in table profile_profile in dtable_db?

Hi Daniel,

great - that solved the problem! :smile:

Thanks for the quick help!


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