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Seatable is great and I am loving it very much. However, when it comes to reporting, the standard report ( statistic ) plugins have limitations.

Currently, I am using both google sheet and seatable ( self hosted ) for most of my work and I think google sheet has the benefit of “ready made” connector to google data studio. I think it will be great if one day there will be a connector for seatable and google data studio. :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestion.

Have you tried the “advanced statistics” plugin? What feature do you missing as compared to google data studio?

Hello @daniel.pan , yes, I have tried advance statistic plugin. It is good but google studio has some features which I am using that is missing in advance statistic.

  1. email schedule.
    if we are able to create a schedule to email graph / table as jpeg or pdf. It will be great.

  2. advance statistic plugin doesn’t have table.

  3. In statistic, we do have table, but we are unable to sort or filter the data.

Thanks for the suggestions. We will add Google Studios Connector if more people want such a feature. In the meanwhile, we will improve the advance statistic plugin.

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