GPTs create your Python and JavaScript scripts


In the context of artificial intelligence, I have created 2 GPTs to assist you in creating Python or JavaScript scripts.

You just have to ask what you want to do and ChatGPT will write the script for you :slight_smile:

Here is the GPT for Python:

Here is the GPT for JavaScript:

Here is a test:

you will need a ChatGPT+ subscription to access it

enjoy :slight_smile:



Interesting. How does it work? Do you link SeaTable’s programming manual with GPT?

yes, I’ve given the URLs from the documentations and the scripts are functional.

Nice work! I think it is more accurate if you provide the documentation as a file (uploaded to their ‘knowledge’ base). Here is the manual-referenced version:

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Indeed, yesterday, I provided him with the documentation in the form of a file :blush:


Nice! I was actually making this GPT at the same time as you as it was a pain making it sure it used the right functions lol :slight_smile:


I’ve also created a GPT for creating formulas:


Fantastic idea. As a cheapskate I don’t have a “plus” ChatGPT account at the moment.

And finally, for consolidation, here is the all-in-one Python, JavaScript and Formula creation assistant:


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Awesome. That is really great.