Grouping by Date, calculated by formula

Hi, this just turned from a feature request to a bug report - would somebody please verify?

I’m using a formula to create a date from the pre-defined “Created” column and a manual override column:


Works great, and the resulting column is correctly recognised as a date, offers me date formats as a display etc.

However, when it comes to grouping, I was disappointed that it didn’t offer the “by day / month / year” options. That alone would have resulted in a feature request, because I can do with the expected by-day-grouping for now.

What makes this a bug in my opinion is that Seatable doesn’t group at all. A group i displayed, using the first date in order … but all other records are in this group

As I said: First step is verification, although I’m running the current seatable Enterprise

Hi @abaer.

I don’t know if I get it right but it works for me:

@AkDk7, don’t know yet, so let’s find out (and thanks for checking this right away).

Behind the Drop-Down you are showing, there’s the formula column you created from my formula, right? It should show the date from “Erstellt” by default, and from “Manuell” if “Manuell” ist filled.

So please check:

  • The formula column is of type “date”?
  • Try grouping by that column, and let me know what happens

Right, I missed that part. The function column is of type date but you cannot do a group by for day or so.

And did you also check the result? As I said, the missing feature turned into a bug when I realized that no grouping took place. I think I see that in your screenshot, too: There should be a “2023-03-30” and a “2023-05-04” group, if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, I did. I’d have mentioned it if it wasn’t so.

Btw. you can also use isempty(“Name”) instead of the equal to empty string equation.

Thanks for the “isempty” Clue.

And again, thanks for checking - I suspect that this is not how it’s supposed to work :wink:

It would bother me too. But that has to be clarified by other people. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to report/verify this.

We’ll fix it soon. (Please do not hold your breath for SeaTable 3.5. SeaTable 3.5 is going to be released in a few days. This is too short notice.)


Just a short follow up. SeaTable can now sort dates generated from a formula column. The order options are now the same as if is an ordinary date column.


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