Grouping tables

Does anyone know of a way to group tables? I have many tables that are in the same category, eg. Systems, System security analysis and system risk analysis or ISMS, Control register and audits.

You can connect tables with linked columns. And in that table you can create new columns that contain the values from the connected tables. On that layout you can do new views for whatever purpose you like.

Thanks for your response. I am course aware of that possibility but it aint what I am looking for. I am talking about visually grouping the different tables. Simply to make it easier for the eye.

So you want to be able to klick and combine the tables and columns like in SQL Server Management Studio - DBMS Tools? I don’t think there is such a tool right now. Maybe @cdb knows more?

Exactly :slight_smile:

This is currently not supported.

Do you care to add your idea to

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