Has anyone created a basic Help Desk with Seatable?

Hi, I’m trying to find a solution for my team that will allow us to receive requests from external users and allow us to manage those requests. Has anyone ever tried to implement a helpdesk or issue tracker with SeaFile cloud to use with external users? The question I have is:

  • Will ticket filers be able to see ticket status and add comments to a ticket without creating an account (and costing another user license)?
  • Will ticket filers need to create an account at all, or can they access via a password?
  • Can it be synced to JIRA and/or Azure Devops Boards and then back to SeaTable when a ticket is updated?

You can build a universal app. With a universal app, the external users can creates its own account not in your team.

To sync with JIRA or Azure Devops Boards, you need to use third party automation tools like Zapier. Or you need to write a script by your own.

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