Having trouble in the Automation Rules - sending e-mail

Hi, guys!

Well, I hope you guys could help me.
I’m having trouble in inserting an Automation Rule.
In the image below, my trigger condition is when a Record is Added and there is a filter condition, as shown.
The problem is that, the e-mail is sent in a random way, sometimes it’s sent, sometimes it’s not sent.

What could be the problem. In all my “tests”, the condition filtered is attended.

Do I understand correctly that your automation rule is as such:

  • event “Records added”.
  • condition "Qual diretor? = “Adriana”

This automation only triggers when you submit a webform where the condition is met.

The automation does NOT trigger when

  • you add an empty row and then add “Adriana” in “Qual diretor?”
  • you modify an existing row and add “Adriana” in “Qual diretor?”

When do you want the automation to trigger?

Yes, exactly.
I’m aware that it only triggers when I submit a webform.

When I refered of my tests, all of them, were made by submitting a form indeed.

What does the automation running log say? Can you reliably reproduce the error?

A few minutes ago, I just added a row using the weform.

Status: Success. But I didn’t receive any e-mail, I also checked the spam.

Do you find the mail in the sent folder in your gmail account? If yes, the mail is filtered by the recipient.

No, it is not in my sent folder.

Actually, as I mentioned in the first post, I’ve made several tests, in which some of them I received the e-mail, and some of them I didn’t.
Now that you suggested me to look in my sent folder, actually, the ones that I actually received the e-mail weren’t in the sent folder either, none of them were there. It’s like I didn’t send the emails at all.

Do you use the cloud.seatable.io? If so, there should be email sending logs in system admin panel. @rdb Can you give the admin panel a check in “System admin-> Email logs”?

Hi, Daniel,

no, I’m not. I’m using cloud.seatable.cn. Is there any difference?

We are talking two completely different systems: The servers of https://cloud.seatable.cn are in China. The servers of https://cloud.seatable.io are in Europe.

It would be helpful to provide this information beforehand.

I didn’t know that they were completely different, I’m only a user, sorry.

Please contact the support of https://cloud.seatable.cn.