Help on a formula with dateDif() and a column of type "number"

I have a table with “Payment_date” and “Days_to” (formula field) where {Days_to} is the number of days to the {Payment_date}.
This column would else show the days passed in a negative manner (-3).

This is my formula:
ifs({Payment_date} < today(), -dateDif({Payment_date}, today(), “D”), true(), dateDif(today(), {Payment_date}, “D”))

Let’s try it:

If today is 2022-06-13

2022-06-16 shows 3 day(s) left. OK!
2022-06-11 shows 0 day(s) left. KO… I’d expect -2

I think the problem is the -dateDif({Payment_date}, today(), "D") portion of the formula with the “-” in front. If I take away the minus, it works but of course the minus is lost.

I’m a little lost too :blush:


PS Maybe a more flexible dateDif() would permit an easier formula. But this is another topic.

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Can you try 0 - dateDif({Payment_date}, today(), "D")

Thanks @daniel.pan ! it works :ok:

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