Hidden fields, phone fields and email field

I noticed that if I hide a column ( field) in grid view and I open the card of a record, the hidden columns or field doesn’t show in the card details .

What could be the problem?

Also, there’s no field( column type)for phone.

Then, the email field, in my opinion, should be designed such that if one clicks on email, one can directly send email to the contact.

Hi Kingsley,

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, you are asking why a column is not displayed when you hide it before?

You are right, there is no column type for phone numbers. I recommend you to use the Text column type.

If you want to send email by button click, please add a button and add the action send mail.

I think I understand your issue. When you open the row details (you call it card), you do not see the hidden columns.

This is the designed behavior. In the row details, you only see the columns that you haven’t hidden. If you want to see more columns, create another view and unhide the columns you want to see.

Is it impossible for your company to create column type for phone such that one can even Whatsapp, call or send sms from Seatable?

Other tools similar to seatable has such feature.

I know Seatable is different, but such feature would be cool


But it can be designed such that when a column is hidden nd one opens the details view of that record, the hidden column will still be hidden but with a button that shows an option to see hidden fields while a card is opened.

My opinion though

Hi @Kingsley.

When I discovered SeaTable I found out it is a very new application but it became better and better over the last months. The team and @rdb, are always open to ideas and bugs that we users report.

There is another plattform you can post improvements: https://ideas.seatable.io/

@fsa already said the text column can be used to store any information and it has a good validation feature. With the button column you could run a javascript or python script that can send SMS, as long as you have an account with an appropriate provider. Alternatively you could connect to a automation service like make or n8n for such requirement.


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